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Monday, August 21, 2006

Ahista Ahista, it grows on you on consumer reviews

Latest upcoming Movie of my babe Soha

Two months’ non-fiction. Have it in your palette and the colours are dull, depressing... The movie paints a landscape where two boys and a girl careen out of control on the waves of unpredictable life. Ever wondered what happens if she elopes with a boy?

This can be one of the situations. A good plot to weave a movie. It’s a displacement of love. Megha can no more shout for that love shift. The viewers didn’t get to know much how she transformed her love from Nainital’s Dheeraj to Delhi’s Ankush . For two months when she is away from Nainital , love teddy in her pants, makes noise for that many-layered woman inside her. I wish we could have some more for that heaving heart of Soha Ali. When you first see her outside Daryaganj Marriage Registrar Office, she is clad in white salwar suit with mogra around her chig-non. Watch her the Jumme ki raat , when she is indifferent to Abhay Deol’s wooing. She has that innocent look, class look (assorted by Abhay) for which any boy can take her home and want his mother to fix his marriage with her.

Ishq ne tere, ishq ne tere, kar diya kar diya... well sung with a rare combination. I want to say it aloud I am in love. Abhay is the best in movie, the way he looks up, looks down, dances to that band music, teases khala , runs after Zulfi , prays in the mosque, doesn’t hold her girl tight, kisses at the wrong time when Father Pinto catches him, wants to threaten Shayan , slaps Zulfi , buys a bouquet of flowers for his lady love, cries in the heart. His makeover from witness to an area supervisor, and his slumbering from HDFC Bank to Daryaganj office... that’s all about movie.

Let Soha run for a distance and fall straight on Shayan Munshi ... shaking time and space. This is the best scene of the movie. The old love wins over the new one. And the comet moves on...

Kabhi Alivda na kehna by debolina

I was surfing around and came across this review, indeed its reveals a lot of kank.. have a look at it here at Consumer Reviews

were we actually tricked into watching this movie ?? still cant beleive that K J made such a fool out of us. the promos and the songs were too tempting, so the weekend was planned with a lot of excitement to watch the movie. as we settled down with our share of popcorn, the movie started in its fresh avataar, a soccer star Shahrukh, obviously not looking a teeny one though, but definitely more on the wrong side of 40.. please can we have some more make up if that helps? now, if the idea of paying Rs.150/- for 5 songs appeals to you, please do go ahead and watch this. if you want to see whats the laatest in the world of fashion and if u want to know about the latest in hair color,makeup and

lip gloss, this movie is definitely gonna be a help. and yes, also if u want to know how to operate a vaccum cleaner, coz thats the bond shared by Rani and Abhishek, they only connect when the vaccum cleaner is on, Rani is always using it and AB is always insisting she shut it off. one question that instantly comes to your mind is - IS KARAN JOHAR MARRIED ? no na?well that explains the approach and the mentality with which this topic is handled. the topic of Extra Marital affairs needs to be dealt with a mature and sensitive approach, not one where you preach the idea of walking out of a marriage as THE thing to do, just because u are married for 9 years and are plain bored.First we have Shahrukh and Preeity,who are a happily married couple with a sweet kid, Shah’s handicap forces Preity to be the bread winner and hence devote lesser time to the family than the regular housewife.But she is as much dedicated to her family as any perfect wife, and with such abeautiful and understanding wife around, u would never expect things to go wrong. The other couple is Rani and AB, a wife obsessed with cleaning( we have seen her do the same in Chalte Chalte, so please, could we get a bit more original here?) and a husband who gives her all the freedom and atention.But hey, Rani should walk out of the marriage, coz the film is about EMA, remeber.. so what if she has no reasons to do so? she was never forced into the marriage, AB allows her all space and freedom to do and work as she pleases,is most caring and sweet and loves to have his wife by his side at parties and social events. but as per KJ, this is utterly wrong and Rani should walk out of the marriage. So now, we have Shahrukh and Rani getting cosy with each other, all the time fooling their spouse that their love is still on. there are a lot of things which attract Rani to Shahrukh, he chews gum and is in the habit of either spitting it bang in the middle of the road or taking it out from his mouth and playing with it, he loves to get into his hyper moods and tell her that he is jealous of the thought that she has a husband!!!!! hello ???? what is this? getting jealous in an extra marital affair? now,did we see the height of irony? standing ovation. if this was not enough,we have another lesson to learn here, there should be no regards towards kids in a marriage that is heading towards a split.kids are simply an irritating hindrance and should not at all be taken into account when you want to simply walk out and get into the arms of a new lover, well, at the end of the day, this is all it boils down to, a relationship should only be based on the passion level you share, so what if you have a husband who is full of passion and fire? unless you have an affair on the side, how can you spice up your life? and that is exactly what KJ is here to teach us, go out and walk out and get a new relationship, that is the key to keep your otherwise ascending age on the younger side. take the example of Big B.. a man of 63, dad to AB Junior and a widower, now what would you expect from him? lets tell u what KJ thinks. Big B is loaded with arm candy and lap candy too, if u may say so. if thats not enough, he is only always dressed in red, theres always a young hot scantily clad blonde in his arms and his pet name is Sexy Sam.. any comments to that? now AB is the mentor to his son and teaches him the tricks and pleasures of the adult life.. so much so,that his hormones are not calmed even when his daughter-in-law questions him about the presence of nude phirangs in his room... i think KJ here deserves a pat on his shoulder for carrying out his fantasies thru Big B. question of the day: what made Big B take up this role? A: serious need of money; B: desperate need to get a younger image; C: an outlet to play your real life fantasies... your guess is gonna be as good as mine. well, you think this is enough?? come on guys, this is a KJ film, remember? now comes the climax.. as both the cheating partners spill the benas on their unsuspecting and loving better halves, the result is an obvious split. thank god atleast that was a bit natural. but hey, isnt natural supposed to be boring? so we have AB Baby and Preity playing their sweet selves and its their moral duty to unite Rani and Shahrukh.. so what if they were ditched... after all, AB Baby was spared the torture of tolerating a wife with an obsession with vaccum cleaners and carrying a bag full of dead emotions.. and Preity was spared the agony of bearing with a husband whose favourite past time is to scream hoarse and whose idea of love making is to grab your wife in the face and smudge her face pack.... AAHHH what a relief .... one question though ... if Karan preaches the idea of walking away from a mariage as and when you feel and that too without any reason, whats with the title guys ?? lets get it renamed to PLEASE JALDI ANYTIME ALVIDA KEHNA !!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Super!! Errm... Krrish Movie Krrish Music Krrish Wallpapers and More

Its there and its flying, jumping and relentlessly flexing its muscles. Just as Puneet Issar said "Yeh Kya hai". Moi clears the confusion and reveal that truely spirited first ever heavily sponsored, quality (by Indian standards) effects driven, clad with best to decent to ok performances with picturesque cinematography pumped with good to loud backround score and honestly directed Indian Superhero is here. Its named Krissh and it rocks only if certain things can be overlooked.

Lemme blast Priyanka Chopra here. Absolutely casual or should i say non rehearsed performance. She behaves like a school girl at times and then as an immature actor on scenes which would have been cakewalk for others. I mean a scene where Hrithik walks off (Agreed completely with Paulsb) and Priyanka gives away. She has carried it of in a way which is comparable to Amisha Patel’s gasping for breath hamming shots

in movies like

Aap Mujhe Ache Lagne Lage (Pheeww too long). I was wondering why didn’t

we have Preity Zinta again in it. Such roles suite her to the T and she delivers. Well it wasn’t to be and Priyanka was beared virtually jheloed by me.

Well coming on the movie . Starts off excellently with all the hustle bustle and flexing muscle of Krissh i.e. Hrithik. The feel of the character is placed. You can intake that he is flying, he is strong and deserved with all the powers. Hats off to Hrithik for pumping up the physique level for it. But wait a minute..the teenage Hrithik looks bigger then the horse..hmm taken as i said to myself its a Rs.400 million movie not a $400 million :).

The story moves in Manali takes a road ahead and comes back and ahead and then comes back. Am i typing all previous line for increasing words? Well no, the screenplay is timepass entertaining with Songs, Hrithik pranking the gang of girl. Its strictly alrite and you open your arms a bit, relax those folded legs a little and push your b*tts to the a little forward. The symptoms i stated are an indication that movie is going nowhere. Add to that drags like Tara tira Tara Tira song which had no head and toe. Its like a friendship song between the leads affecting not even .0001% of chemistry between leads. Plus Puneet Issar, gosh. Was he taken to remind the viewers about the actors insult to intelligence version of Superman in 1987 where his costume’s underwear showed a white tag of size XXL coming out from his waist. Someelse could have spared the sarcasm from me.

Okay i won’t get brickbatting them further for Spot the Brand contes t like Tide, Bournvita, Siyarams etc etc. But, i would certainly say that Chaand ka daag pehle nazar aata hai hence its like in your face many a times. Watch out for the Rekha ’s awkward angle of pouring the Tide into the bucket, i mean she was like soaking the whole packet into the bucket full with just 4 clothes..thats a waste.

Then as i relax with the okishness of the movie, it gets better. Rekha unfolds the story about his dad Rohit Mehra and his whereabouts and whys of Krissh. Sit up and take notice shouts the movie and this is where screenplay gets 9/10 if not 10/10 (1 less for doing it a little late). B*tt goes to edge of seat and you see Dr. Arya. I guess Naserrudin would have looked a lot self with white hair, the black dye shouts too much Abhi to mein Jawaan hoo kind of look.

So the first half happens and you might have a semi mixed feelings where in critic gets heavy over popcorn. Recycling my mind i think credit has to be given where its due. Cinematography is brochure worthy, Hrithik’s save sequence with Priyanka is done well plus a few comic things that bring about smiles plus the turn up before the climax makes you attentive.

Post Interval and its Super Hero time. Flies, Costume looks cool and fits the overall body well. Hrithik carries if off even good. Dr. Arya’s future predictor computer lab are not tacky if not the best. The Dil Na Diya song is paisa vasool for Hrithik’s dancing antics but i hate Priyanka Chopra, she’s a no show even in the songs.

I guess a glitch here is Hrithik’s costume turning into full sleeves from almost sleevless that he wore in Dil Na Diya song coz if you closely follow, that is the costume which he converts into the super herioc attire. The Mask gets 10/10 for its authenticity, looks sleek. Plus the climax is executed well till the fights but is superficial with Hrithik saving both Priyanka and his dad. There’s a whole lot Spiderman angle to it. Krissh saving the kid from Fire plus the climax wherein he saves both. Well crises can of similar types for super heroes (*laughs*)

Fights and stunts are good but a bit matrixed. Funny was the Hrithik bike sequence wherein he bowling alleys the other goons with this bike...haha. Papa Hrithik ala Rohit Mehra’s make up is a high point and his acting even elevates the show further. He’s an actor no doubt.

Nasseruddin has been given less scope as expected but he delivers and has suitability of a comic book, super hero movie villain that kids would ofcourse hate :). Rekha is alrite to be honest with her normal age old arrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeey and streching the wordings antics and i am old buy my lip gloss isnt style.

Papa Roshan deserves 10/10 for effort, 8/10 for concieving but 7/10 for execution. He could have made a better casting for the lead female plus the plot could have had more then a popcorn feel to it. Screenplay is done by barrage of writers from Sachin Bhoumick, Honey Irani, Roshan sr. himself plus 2 others. I guess

thats where the movie lost it else its ok to good.

Hrithik Roshan shines like a pole star and delivers big time. Watch his expressions of agressions while carrying of the air, earth and water chase sequence. INTENSE. Watch him explode emotionally on her grandma. It’s his show and he certainly becomes a show stopper.

Direction from Roshan sr. deserves applause for the effort and the thinking of brining some thing fantasized for the Indian audience done with comedies and romances. Music is plain average with Pyar Ki Kahani and Dil na Diya being decent, chacha Roshan needs some more music sense.

All in all we can atleast proudly say that we are in the right stream. Effort has been made and it works despite flaws. Takes a step to complete a marathon. You have seen underwear over pants, rubberized spider webs but its time for desi and actually carried of stunts. Rs.400 million well spent and i surely find us Indians worthy delivering even better if given $400 million.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Krrish Movie reviews Consumer reviews and product reviews on mouthshut.com local listings and contests are here

It was "BLACK" last year which marked the advent of bollywood in the form of a milestone and this year’s another milestone is now being layed by Krrish and Ran De Basanti but especially Krrish. you see the 1st day itself has got record booking that the movie has been declared instant hit all over with 100% booking at multiplexes for all coming 7 days. The movie is in good followup from it’s mother episode of KMG. Rohit becomes a big scientist and gets an oppurtunity to work with en eminnent scientist Arya to make a machine which could see the future. His superintelligence earns him good dividend with complition of that computer but in the meantime the

villaneous Dr. Arya’s

real face arrives and Rohit is lost to unknown world. His son is Krrish

who is everything to his grandma(rekha) living in a remote hillock area. There Krrish meets a girls(Priyanka) who is from singapore and in her love he comes followign her to s’pore, just to discover he was betryaed and used to get benefit from his inbuilt supernatural power gained from "Jaadu". Here he becomes Krrish and at end meets with a strange surprise of his life... Script is OK : There is not big speciality in the script itself. it is plain and simple but it’s executation is brilliant. priyanka Chopra and the romantic part of this movie is a blot over this movie. They could have been given the least share. Performance says a lot! When I came out of the hall...I realised that in present genre except one actor all are really good actor and Hrithik Roshan could be on the top contenders with Amir Khan and Ajay Devgun. Hritik plays a young fire Krrish as well as old rohit with such a finnese that he might get the best actor award of this year...and you just compare the hamming over shivering role of Shahrukh khan in Veer Zara and you will feel that Shahrukh Khan is the worst actor of among the A-rated actors of Bollywood. This guys with Johars and Chopras have made we cine goers sick romantic movie watchers and the time has arrived now that this group of sicks are going to be lost and will be seen by only those trees around which Shahrukh keeps on roamncing with Johars and Chopras and this has been possible due to bravo act by Bhansalis Roshans and Ram Gopals! SRK is over and finished now...lost last to last year..then lasty year and in know way he is going to get this year too anything...call it RDB or Krrish effect! For performance everyone was good except priyanka Chopra..who looked like a constipated girl. Her selection was bad decision. She is unable to act and deliver any dialgoue naturally man..she is just Junk and worst thing of this movie. Rekha is superb as Grandma. She could be contender for best supporting actress. Music Amazingly it prdecessor was excellent in this part too but this movie has loose songs and rajesh roshan has come up with substanderd music. In fact one could hve gone without such bekaar music. but I think the romantic part made it necessary and it costed the quality of the movie...Rakesh Roshan should have chopped the romantic part of the movie for better of the movie which caused two negative dependencies of this otherwise great movie: Priyanka Chopra and Music! Direction and Techies Rakesh roshan should be thanked by the public for bringing you first complete superman, otherwise you would have kept on thinking that they only take birth in hollywood. Read More...

Krrish, Hrithik Roshan, rakesh superhero indian priyanka chopra

The movie is so good. It totally revolves around our super hero Hrithik (alias Krrish).

His acting is simply superb (totally unbelievable),His facial expressions, dance sequences etc....... are very good. It’s really a sequel to koimilgaya made uniquely in singapore.....

Our Hero is born intelligent (with super powers) and high IQ helping other senior students by doing their home work.

His grand mother wants to hide him from the real world bcoz of her past life..., so she takes him away to a remote village (manaali),where he will show his powers by climbing the trees as fast as monkey and running as fast as horse

In the first half krrish falls in love with priya ’(nka chopra). she came to village for picnic.

Second half was totally in singapore...., and the introducton of hero in second half was so interesting (suspense go n watch).

He starts helping people for good cause, with his supernatural powers by hiding his identity (covering the face with mask),. Read More....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kabhi Aliva Na Kehna, Never say bye


Does your partner ever question how you feel about her/him? If he/she does, that's a warning sign that you are not showing her/him how special he/she is to you. If you do not nurture a loving relationship, you could just let a "good thing" slip between
your fingers. Try these easy, yet inexpensive ways to show him/her that you really care, and see how much love will you receive in return.

3. A PICTURE IS WORTH A 1000 WORDS. Make sure she has your photo handy, or
better yet, take a fun picture together in one of those photo booths.

4. GREET HER WITH LOVE. Give her a nice warm hug.

5. HOLD HER HAND. That's right! Good old-fashioned hand-holding!

6. MAKE EYE CONTACT. Show her that she has your full, undivided attention.
Make her feel like she is the only important person in the world to you.

7. MAKE TIME FOR HER. When was the last time you skipped that basketball
game for her?


9. OPEN THE CAR DOOR FOR HER. Back-to-basic courtesies mean a lot.

10. PLAN AHEAD. Do not leave her hanging until Friday night to plan a date
for the weekend, or you might not find her home at all. Ask her early in
the week so you both can anticipate the date.

KANK Rani Mukharji

Kabhi alvida na kehna images wallpapers

Get more wallpapers and Pix on Kabhi Alvida Na kahna Aka KANK

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna Pictures, Walpapers, ScreenSavers and FAN CLUB KANK Shahrukh Khan Amitabh Bacchan and preity Rocks I want too see this movie..

Music Of one of the most awaited movie "Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna",popularly known as KANK has been out.The Question is will it be a hit album just like Karan Johar’s previous ventures "Kuch Kuch Hota hai","Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham" and "Kal Ho Naa Ho." KANK... Read More at Mouthshut